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Care Tips for Muslin Wipes and Wraps

Cotton muslin is a soft, breathable and lightweight fabric that’s ideal for your baby’s delicate skin. Lola J muslins are made from 2 or 3 layers of premium cotton muslin; a white or slightly off-white colour, depending on the batch. The imperfections (slubs) in cotton muslin are part of the special characteristics of a unique natural fibre.

Your hemstitched muslins are right ready for a crochet edge to be added.  For best results, we recommend your chosen crochet edging be completed before first wash.

In order to help keep your Lola J muslin cloths & wraps in great shape, follow these simple steps:

1. Wash your muslins before use (after edging has been added). This will de-fluff and soften them.

2. Machine wash on normal warm cycle with mild detergent. Place in a mesh wash bag to prevent snagging.

3. Shake out and stretch to shape before hanging on the line to dry.

4. You can also tumble dry your muslins in a mesh bag and on delicate setting to prevent snagging.

5. For best results, iron on warm/hot setting with steam before entirely dry. Stretch to shape as you press.

Be aware that dark crochet thread colours may run in the wash, especially the first time!

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