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Our new Cashmere baby shawls are here!

Move over, Brushed Cotton. The new shawl has arrived and it's the softest, finest and lightest thing you could ever wrap your baby in. A cashmere shawl is not just any shawl to those who love it - it is the epitome of luxury, a symbol of class and distinction. It is a coveted shawl but a very expensive fibre – The very best you can buy.


Our cashmere shawls are made especially for us in Nepal; using the very soft, very warm and very fine wool from the underbelly of a special breed of cashmere goats found in the Himalayan regions. Imagine this fur keeping the goat warm in the sub zero temperature high up in the Himalayas and that is how the shawl will keep your baby – but much more stylishly. Pashmina is also quite unusual in that it actually becomes softer and more comfortable with each use, actually making it gentler on your skin each and every time you wrap your baby in it.

‘Pashm’ the persian word means wool. Pashmina is the traditional name for the very finest grade of cashmere wool. Because of its unique softness and comforting warmth, pashmina is also known as the diamond fabric and the soft gold of high Asia. Put simply, it is the finest, softest and warmest wool available anywhere.

You may be surprised to discover that it takes the entire annual growth of three of these goats to create just one pashmina shawl. But take comfort in the fact that these goats are not harmed during the process of producing pashmina. This is because the wool is collected only after being shed naturally.

Be aware of imitation pashminas made of viscose, which is a man-made material.


To care for your cashmere shawl:

One of the wonderful things about your cashmere baby blanket is that it can last for years and years - if you take proper care of it. It will even get softer and more luxurious with each wash! In general, dry cleaning is the preferred method of washing for pashmina and cashmere care. However, you can hand wash occasionally if you are careful and follow a few guidelines that are listed below.

* To wash by hand, use cold water. You may add a little soft detergent, such as baby shampoo or Woolite, but please be certain the detergent is completely dissolved first. Then, wash very gently by hand while being very careful with the hand-tied tassels.

* After washing, please do not wring dry. Instead, lie it as flat as possible. Once dry, you may warm iron but it is best to put a piece of paper or cloth between the iron and the fabric.

That's it. Proper pashmina and cashmere care is actually easy. Now it is time to enjoy!

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