ALL shawls and baby wraps

We have you covered, baby!  With an ever growing range of baby shawls and wraps, we have something to suit every taste and season.  From embroidered linen shawls ready to use or gift, to Hemstitched shawls ready to be your next long-term project.  

For summer babies, choose a linen or organic bamboo/cotton set.  

For winter babies; choose a brushed cotton Cabella set. For those in cooler climates, we have a beautiful wool crepe shawl option. 

New to our hemstitched shawl range in Dec '19 is a 90% cream wool twill very similar in looks and feel to the old Viyella fabric that we all love so much.   Also a 100% cream wool gauze which is a very lightweight, premium product with a translucent look and fine, smooth feel.   Incidentally, check out this post for the history of Viyella. 

We are thrilled with the Pashmina shawls that arrived direct from the factory in Nepal.  Made especially for us and sized at 110cm square, this is a luxurious option for mothers wanting a soft, snuggly, warm & cosy shawl.