Wool Twill baby shawl set

Wool Twill baby shawl set


NEW in our Autumn/Winter '20 range. This baby wrap brings back old memories of Viyella baby shawls - a class gone by.  Hemstitched ready to create your own heirloom crochet edging.


A classic cream coloured wool twill baby shawl with matching pillowslip.  This is a medium weight fabric; 90% wool and 10% nylon for strength.  The fabric is dense and very warm; with an almost felted blanket like appearance. 


This is very much like the old Vyella wool fabric; perfect for those cooler climates or for whenever your baby needs a snug warm blanket layer. 


Size: 110x110cm with rounded corners.  Pillowslip included as a set. 

  • Care Instructions

    To care for your wool shawl:

    • Hand wash very gently in lukewarm water using neutral wool detergent. Be sure to dissolve the detergent thoroughly before immersing the shawl.  Wash colored garments separately.
    • Never wring it or twist it to remove water. Squeeze gently
    • Use damp pressing-cloths to protect the delicate fibers;  use a cool iron; iron from the back of the shawl. Never iron it directly.
    • Lay flat in shade to dry. 
    • Store your wool shawl folded or rolled in a well-ventilated cupboard shelf wrapped in a breathable muslin cloth.
  • Thread Matches

    Cream TULIP or ROYAL RAYON Cream (Indent only).  Or try Gold for a pop of bold colour! 

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