TULIP crochet thread

TULIP crochet thread


A gorgeous crochet thread with beautiful suppleness and shine.  Microfibre is exceptionally strong; make sure to save your teeth and pack your snips when you travel with your crochet project!


Please be aware that this shiny thread catches the light and glows with a beautiful sheen.  It is hard to capture the 'correct' colour as it sparkles lots of colours in different lights.  Please ask for a sample if you require an exact colour match to your project. 


A soft and smooth crochet thread.  Use for baby bonnets, booties, shawl & muslin edgings.  Suitable for either crochet or knitting.

See our post for more microfibre information

  • Additional information

    Similar weight to size 8 crochet thread.  |  100% microfibre  |  50gr ball; 250m length.   |  Size 1.5-2mm hook recommended.

    Performance with beauty describes the potential of microfibers. They are very fine fibres compared to more conventional forms which gives them unique and desirable properties. To provide a measure for comparison, microfibers are half the diameter of a fine silk fibre, one-third the diameter of cotton, one-quarter the diameter of fine wool, and one hundred times finer than human hair.

    So what is so special about very fine or microfibers? The many fine fibres packed together create a depth and a body to fabrics from which they are made. Fabrics have luxurious drape. Although fine and lightweight, they don’t exhibit a flimsy quality. The many tiny filaments or fibres can slide back and forth and manoeuvre around within the yarns in a fabric allowing the fabric to flow and drape freely, yet still possess body.

  • Care Instructions

    CARE: Machine wash up to 40 deg C, cool iron if needed.  Dry flat.

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