Swallow Flight 9 row Crochet Border

Swallow Flight 9 row Crochet Border


Note: Price is for the crochet work only. Hemstitched shawl fabric and thread are extra.


$45.00/metre (9 rows)


This gorgeous large heirloom edging is $45/m and looks beautiful done on a shawl and pillowcase set.


Made to order, this 9 row crochet edging with beautiful silk type thread is stunning. You will need 5 balls of 50g thread to complete the set.


To work out how much this edging will cost on a shawl, multiply the measurements of all 4 sides of your shawl by the metre price above.  A 1.1m square shawl is 4.4m x $45 = $198.00 for the crochet work.


We can add another 3 base rows to make a wider, 12 row edging.  Price is $56/m.


Shop on Lola J for the thread colour of your choice or send us your own thread.


If you have your own fabric, we can hemstitch it so a crochet border can be added.


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