Square Corner Crochet Border

Square Corner Crochet Border


Note: Price is for the crochet work only. Hemstitched shawl fabric and thread are extra.


$45.00/metre (10 rows)


This gorgeous large heirloom lace edging and has a point of difference with the squared corner.  Make sure to order your hemstitched shawl set with "squared corners" so the pattern fits. 


Made to order, this 10 row crochet edging with beautiful silk type thread is stunning. You will need 5 balls of 50g thread to complete the set.


To work out how much this edging will cost on a shawl, multiply the measurements of all 4 sides of your shawl by the metre price above.  A 1.1m square shawl is 4.4m x $45 = $198.00 for the crochet work.


Shop on Lola J for the thread colour of your choice or send us your own thread.


If you have your own fabric, we can hemstitch it so a crochet border can be added.

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