Linen fabric filter pocket facemask

Linen fabric filter pocket facemask


3 layers of fabric: Linen with absorbent flannel inner and cotton lining.  Facemask features a pocket into which an optional filter can be added. 


  • Panel style or pleated style
  • Elastic ear straps or fabric ties. 


These face masks are 3 layers of fabric and offer a good amount of protection against spreading bacteria to other people.   


The latest advice from the World Health Organisation on when and how to use masks can be found by clicking here

Pattern courtesy of Twig & Tale. 

  • Style Info

    The Pleated style is preferred by those who like a roomier fit around
    the nose.  This style features a contoured side which alleviates the gape at the sides of the face seen in many pleated mask designs.

    The Panel style is preferred by those who like a closer fit around the face.

  • Choosing a size

    To determine the correct fit for the face mask, measure the face of the wearer from between the eyes (the deepest dip at the top of the nose), over the nose and to the point of the chin.

    Use the measurement to pick a size from the list below. If you are in-between sizes, we recommend that you size up.

    Mask Size Approximate Age Measurement
    XS 3-7 years 4" (10cm)
    S 7-10 years to small adult 4.5" (11.5cm)
    M Adult 5" (13cm)
    L Adult 5.7" (14.5cm)
    XL Adult 6.2" (16cm)


  • Disclaimer

    This is not a professional-grade or medical-grade mask,  and we make no warranties or guarantees about the effectiveness of the mask in preventing the transmission of COVID-19 or other  viruses.

    It is important to note that covering your face with a piece of cloth  don’t protect you from infection. However, it could help to keep you from spreading COVID-19 or other viruses to others if you are unknowingly carrying the virus without symptoms.

    This mask is available in different sizes, and it is important that you choose the correct size. We make no promises that any size will fit you or any other member of your family in a manner that will offer the greatest possible protection.

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