Linen fabric

Linen fabric

SKU: linen

A classic light weight plain weave linen, suitable for shirts, dresses, skirts and pants.


Price is per metre.


100% Linen

Width: 134cm

GSM: 150


Why choose linen over cotton?

Made from the fibers of the flax plant, linen is a natural, breathable fabric with its own set of unique properties.   Linen is just as easy to look after as cotton, but it is more durable and gets better with each wash, unlike cotton which can become threadbare as the fibres are weakened. Linen uses less resources in its production, so it is also a more eco-friendly, sustainable fabric.

  • Care Instructions

    Linen becomes softer and more absorbent after each wash, which is pretty neat. Hand-wash or gentle machine wash in low temperatures, wash colours separately. Use a mild detergent suitable for natural fibres. 

    Tumble dry on low and cool settings, or dry in shade to avoid fading. Remove from dryer when still damp and lay flat to finish air drying. This minimises the risk of damaged, dried and brittle fibres due to over-drying.  Linen looks best in its natural wrinkled form but if you have an item that needs pressing, use a warm/hot iron on linen setting while the fabric is still wet.


  • Storage

    Store your linens in a cool, dry place; avoid plastic bags, cardboard boxes and cedar chests. Linen has inbuilt insect-repellant properties so you should have nothing to fear from moths or other nibbly creatures. When you take linen out of storage, give it a good airing and wash if it needs a bit of a refresh.