Cashmere baby shawls

Cashmere baby shawls

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NEW SHIPMENT JUST LANDED!!!  Special Introductory price; limited stock. 

Order yours now for those Autumn/Winter '20 babies now on their way.


30% Cashmere / 70% wool shawls for babies, hemstitched ready for your own heirloom silk crochet edging. 


Size: 110x110cm with rounded corners.  (Pillowslip not available, sorry)

Also available in a square shawl; without hemstitching.  This can be used as a pashmina wrap with a fringe edging on 2 ends. 

Be quick; we only have 3 in each colour for our product launch.  Gentle handwash only. 

  • Care Instructions

    Cashmere shawls are extremly delicate and can get damaged easily if you carelessly wash and maintain them.

    • Hand wash very gently in lukewarm water using neutral detergent for silk, wool, and cashmere. Be sure to dissolve the detergent thoroughly. Then put the garment into the water. Wash colored garments separately
    • Never wring it or twist it to remove water. Squeeze gently
    • Use damp press clothes to protect the delicate fibers;  use a cool iron; iron from the inside of the garment. Never iron it directly.
    • Lay flat in shade to dry. The thin fibers of pashmina are weaker when wet.
    • Store your pashmina shawl folded or rolled in a well-ventilated cupboard shelf wrapped in a breathable muslin cloth.
  • Thread Matches

    Soft Gull Grey: RAZZLE Silver

    French Cream: RAZZLE Ecru

    Charcoal: We recommend a contrast of TULIP or ROYAL RAYON Cream (Indent only).  Or try Gold for a pop of bold colour! 

  • About Cashmere

    Cashmere is a very delicate and extremely soft fibre. Shawls made from cashmere are lightweight but luxuriously warm & cosy for babies. Our cashmere shawls are direct from the factory in Kathmandu, Nepal; made to order just for you! Their goats are organically farmed and the naturally soft fleece is combed from the downy undercoat of the goat’s neck and underbelly using traditional techniques. These gorgeous shawls are handspun and woven in Nepal, then shipped to us in NZ.


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